Inukari launch o.o

Gosh lets be a bit sentimental, alright?
It's now over one year since I'm working on this little project with all my love and passion for plattform-games. Since I can remember back I always was into gaming. My latest back memory is while I'm sitting in front of an Atari switches all modules we have and just play video games. With the NES I fall in love with platformers like CHIP&DALE which I'm pretty sure I can play in under 30 minutes until today xD
I also can remember back while sitting in my parents car and reading my first "how to make games book" while I was around 12 or 13. Good alt times with so many time to invest into nonsense and testing. I really wish I could have that for now.

And now here I am. A little Graphic artist with the will to create a video game all by himself and let it go into nether. I hope Inukari bring fun to all of you. Test your skills and bring you just a good time. I'm curious about the runs, pictures and stuff that you will upload.
Let us have a good time.

Good gaming,
Kai Kieschnick
- Einzelartig Games <3


Inukari - Chase of Deception 271 MB
Jun 03, 2021

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